Oud Nobile room diffuser 2500 ml with sticks

Oud Nobile room diffuser Dr. Vranjes Firenze

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Precious notes of agarwood and incense are blended with hints of Mediterranean orange blossom and bergamot to create an intense, elegant fragrance celebrating our 30th anniversary.

Oud Nobile is the perfect way to de-stress, lifting the mood, easing feelings of tension and boosting wellbeing.

Olfactory Pyramid
Agarwood, myrrh and incense

Classic living area
Modern living area
Work/study room

Ideal Size
The best way to choose the right size of the bottle is to start with the extention of the space you want to scent:
250ml > 8-10 sqm*
500ml > 20-25 sqm*
The use of the sizes 1250 ml, 2500 ml and 5000 ml, surely suitable for ambiances usually larger than 15 sqm*, besides granting an effective perfume, represent a real home decor element.
The 100 ml diffuser is useful to scent only small areas (ex. walk-in closets), the spray instead to refresh them temporarly.
In the centre of a room or, for larger ambiances, it is recommended to have 2 in opposite sides of the area.

*the sqm are indicative and usually refer to ambiances with high ceilings, average 2 meters height

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soggiorno moderno
Oud Nobile
2500ml with sticks
Surface mq
50 mq
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